The fundamentals of betting: types of bets

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All bets can be divided into groups: single, multiple and additional.

Single bets

Ordinaries are the simplest type of bet. Most bookmakers use them most often. The payoff for the singles is very easy to calculate. The size of the bet is multiplied by the coefficient if it has played. This type of betting is chosen by all beginners. Experienced bettors also often choose them to invest in.

Double Chance provides an opportunity to play not for one event, but for two. For example, you can bet money:

  • for the victory of each team;
  • one of the teams to win and a draw.

The probability that the bet will play increases. But quotes in this case are offered much lower.

Handicap (handicap) is a betting option when one of the players gains an advantage in points already at the start. Totalizators offer this option if a clear favorite and an outsider participate in a sports duel. This is done in order to equalize the chances of a predictable outcome. A variation of the usual handicap is the Asian handicap, when an outsider at the beginning of the game receives a handicap not with an integer value, but a multiple of 0.25. Asian Handicap bets are more unpredictable and interesting.

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Total is chosen by the most risky players. This type of bet offers to bet on the number of points or goals scored. The bookmaker gives a certain value. The bettor needs to guess whether the score of the game will reach or exceed this number. You need to bet on a higher or lower number. Often, offices offer to bet on the total with an Asian handicap, when at the beginning of the match the outsider receives 0.50, 1.25 or 2.50 points.
Multiple bets

This type is divided into two types: simple and complex bets. The simple ones include express and systems.

Accumulators are bets on the outcome of two or more events. The player needs to guess all the events in order to get a win. The more events in the express, the less likely it is that you can accurately predict all of them. Moreover, sweepstakes offer bets on a variety of sports in one line. Beginners are tempted by high odds.
The system is a set of express trains. The bettor can choose which option to bet money on. For example, it is proposed to bet on “three outcomes out of four”, “two out of five” or “four out of six”. To win, your prediction must come true for all events. The winnings depend on the size of the parlays you have chosen, and of course, on the set coefficients.

Multiple bets are called complex when you are invited to bet on several events that do not have a connection. For example, Patent includes seven different bets on three events. It includes three singles and four systems with a different number of parlays.

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