How to bet on sports to make money?

Essential Facts About Betting on Sports That You Should Know

To uninitiated observers from the outside, it seems that sports betting is something akin to a lottery. In fact, only people who are deeply passionate, attentive and collected can make money on sports forecasts. One knowledge of the specifics of the competition is not enough. You need to understand the rules that bookmakers set and be able to calculate the probability of different events. Learn now the secrets of experienced bettors that help them make money on bets. At the end of the article you will find a glossary of terms and TOP-5 bookmakers, compiled by experts and analysts from leading aggregator sites.

How to bet on sports correctly: tips for beginners

The main rule: in order not to go bankrupt, you can not make bets that exceed the limited limit. Starting your career as a bettor, determine the budget that you allocate for your new occupation. Set a limit on the funds you can spend. It’s great if you use 2/3 of all the allocated money, and leave 1/3 as an emergency reserve in case of a complete loss.

When placing a bet, you must have a game strategy. You can develop it yourself or use already known options. Conventionally, all strategies can be divided into two groups: active and passive. The first involves betting on events, the probability of which is high. The second is participation in betting on controversial matches.

It is better to place bets in large offices. Bookmakers with a name value their reputation. When faced with a situation where a little-known bookmaker offers favorable odds on an event that you are almost certain of, think about it. This could be a money grab. Having collected rates, swindlers simply disappear in the vastness of the World Wide Web.

How the bookmaker works

Depending on which sports specialists work in the office, event lines are drawn up. For each of them, several outcomes are offered. It can be a victory, a loss of an athlete or a team, a draw or a total match.

You must understand that the goal of any bookmaker is to make a profit. He wants to beat you. The work of bookmakers is based on a mathematical model, with the help of which odds are calculated for different bets. The correct calculation of odds allows the office to receive profit in any outcome of the event.

Low odds and margin

When calculating the coefficients, two indicators are taken as the basis: the probability of an outcome and the margin. The higher the probability that the event is realized, the lower the bet odds. Quotes are calculated on the principle of inverse dependence on the probability of the indicated outcome. The odds are lowered so that, even after guessing the outcome, the player receives a minimum profit.

The main source of profit of the totalizator is the margin. Most offices are content with 8-10% as a margin. If the probability of an outcome is estimated at 70%, then the bookmaker will add these 10% to increase their own profit. Then the coefficient is calculated from the probability of 80%.

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