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Movement, physical education and sports are an opportunity to give the child a vital load for the body. Little physical activity of a child can lead to a number of serious changes in his body. Today, 4-8% of schoolchildren are obese. The optimal age to start physical education is considered to be 6 years. 4-5 year old children can be admitted to various dance clubs. In any case, the child should not be given to where adults want, but to the section that suits him best – in terms of weight and height, in terms of the degree of emotional formation.

Positive characteristics of the sport:

  • during physical exercises in the human body, metabolic processes are accelerated, as a result of which fat cells are intensively burned;
  • sport helps to strengthen the immune system, especially against viral and colds;
  • regular exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle, excluding smoking tobacco and drinking alcoholic beverages;
  • sport has a positive effect on the human spine, developing the correct healthy posture;
  • constant sports activities help strengthen the muscle frame, improve bone tissue, oxygen is much easier to supply to all muscles, which
  • improves cell metabolism and lipid metabolism;
  • thanks to sports, a large number of blood vessels appear, the state of the cardiovascular system improves;
  • beneficial effect on the human nervous system. During sports, speed and agility, as well as speed of reaction, improve;
  • improves the attention and cognitive abilities of children;
  • the person becomes more resilient. Sport builds character.

Due to new movements and team games, for example, playing basketball, volleyball, football, peripheral vision develops, which contributes to the speed of decision making. Improves brain activity. In the process of physical activity, endorphins are produced, hormones of happiness, which increase mood and give a feeling of life satisfaction.

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In cases where the child has health problems, physiotherapy exercises are recommended. Therapeutic physical training is a complex of physical and breathing exercises that has a general health-improving and therapeutic effect on a young organism. Exercise therapy classes are very useful for chronic or congenital pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory, digestive system. Regular adequate physical activity contributes to the harmonious development of the child and reduces the frequency of colds and other diseases. In addition to the main task, physiotherapy exercises provide the necessary positive emotional background. The competitive spirit in the company of peers helps to develop favorable motivation, which is a necessary condition for training.

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