The impact of sports on the health of children and adolescents

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Unfortunately, the statistics inexorably states the deterioration of the general health of children.

Many factors are to blame. The influence of environmental factors, the rhythm of modern life, the emergence of gadgets, computers, the load at school and even in kindergarten; overwork, the influence of numerous electrical appliances surrounding the child instead of flowers and trees, the elementary lack of walks in the fresh air – weaken the health of a small person. Therefore, it is important to strengthen the body’s defenses with preventive measures aimed at strengthening immunity, as well as with the help of physical activity. The sooner you start exercising and sports, the greater the benefits for physical and psychological health. Physical education, sports and health are closely related. There are two different concepts: physical education and sports. Physical education is aimed at improving health, and sport is aimed at obtaining the maximum result and sports awards.

Physical education has a positive effect on the growth, development and strengthening of the child’s body.

Actual tasks are to instill in children an interest in physical exercises, teaching them accessible motor skills. But physical education is not just running and squats. This is a principle, an ideology, a system that includes a set of actions and exercises that are well-placed and correctly performed. Therefore, in order for physical education to be effective and beneficial to the body, it is necessary to follow certain rules. Physical education for children of different ages includes very different activities. Physical education for children under one year old is reflex, passive and active exercises. As the child grows up, the exercises become more complex and varied. At first, everything happens in a playful way, but closer to the age of 6, it approaches the school lesson. Parents should be interested in ensuring that their daily physical activity is provided for in the daily routine of children. It is important that in the use of all the possibilities of physical culture, the joint work of preschool institutions and the family is achieved. If the measures to improve the health of the child, carried out in kindergarten, are supplemented with daily exercises and outdoor games in family conditions (taking into account the individuality of the child, the use of various exercises), he develops individual inclinations and interests.

The family largely determines the attitude of children to physical exercises, their interest in sports, activity and initiative. Children are especially susceptible to the beliefs, positive behavior of the father, mother, family lifestyle. Therefore, it is desirable to involve parents in an active pedagogical process so that the knowledge they gain is embodied in concrete work on raising children.

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