How does sport affect human health?

The Health And Fitness Benefits Of Sport |

Sports and any physical activity provide great benefits for the human body, its health, improves the cardiorespiratory and muscular system, bones, prolongs life expectancy. Sports activities can also prevent the development of diseases such as cancer and give a positive development to the psychological health of a person, reduce stress and depression.

Sport has a positive effect on the following aspects:

1. Reduced and maintained normal body weight.

Sports training contributes to the long-term reduction of body weight and, with constant training, does not allow you to gain it. Training in various mobile sports always increases all metabolic processes, and makes it possible to increase muscle mass while burning calories. The required amount of physical activity should vary depending on the type of physique of the person and his body constitution. Experts say that 2.5 – 5 hours of more or less intense physical activity can help you lose weight and achieve weight stability.

2. The state of the cardiovascular system.

Sports training allows people of all ages to maintain and improve heart, lung and blood vessel health. Physical exercise and activity reduce the risk associated with heart attacks and strokes. As medical statistics show, mostly forty percent of deaths are due to coronary heart disease, which are caused by lack of physical activity, obesity, stress, depression or high blood pressure. Physical training and exercise can naturally prevent some health problems, and can also reduce the risk of ischemia by about fifty percent.

3. Healthy and strong bones and muscles.

The older you get, the more athletic training becomes more important to you, to your health, bones, joints and muscles. For training, it is imperative to engage in special and comfortable sportswear and shoes.

4. The risk of oncology diseases is reduced.

Physical activity reduces the risk of various types of cancer, especially colon cancer, by almost ninety percent, as scientific studies show. Also, training in any sport reduces the chances of developing breast and lung cancer.

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