If you are interested in the question of how to bet on sports correctly, then playing at a bookmaker is unlikely to generate income. Most of the bookmakers’ clients are in the red at a distance. Have you thought about why this is happening? There are many reasons, but almost all of them come down to one phrase – these people bet incorrectly.

Is it possible to count on a positive result when a person regularly makes mistakes, sometimes without noticing them? Obviously not. If you want to make money on bets, first figure out how to do them correctly, and then start playing. Go!

The purpose of the game in the bookmaker

By registering on the bookmaker’s website, people pursue different goals. First of all, define your requirements and decide what you will bet on. It can be entertainment to make watching matches more interesting. In this case, you will not need all the rules that will be described below.

If you set a goal to make money, then go ahead. Do not bet based on bookmaker quotes. Be honest with yourself. Bet on the matches you have analyzed. Record all transactions. Allocate for bets the amount, the loss of which will not affect your well-being. By adhering to these and other rules, which we will analyze in detail below, you may learn how to place bets correctly and earn consistently.

Set realistic goals

When starting to bet, think carefully about whether you really need it. You are unlikely to hit the jackpot and go on trips around the world. At least not right away. This is a huge job, albeit a profitable one, because stable players who are disciplined and understand the sport earn 20 or more percent of the game bank per month. But can you work for 30 days with a bankroll of 10 thousand rubles to earn even a well-deserved, but insignificant amount of 2-4 thousand rubles?

Getting more at the start is almost impossible. You may be lucky if you make a few all-in bets, but then these funds will be lost, because you did not take into account the risks.

Before you become a professional player, decide if you will be able to meet your personal needs with your income? Can you combine betting and work? Is there enough time for daily analysis of sports events? And do you really need it?

Compare Odds

A slight difference in quotes will bring a significant increase in earnings in the future. Let’s take two players as an example.

Andriy plays in an illegal office and bets on totals, which, with equal probability, are estimated at odds of 1.85-1.85. Pavel also prefers total bets, however, with a reliable and legal bookmaker, which offers 1.90-1.90 for equally likely outcomes.

To make it easier, let’s assume that this is the main total in basketball, for example, 165.5. For “more” and “less” the office sets identical values. Let’s also assume that Andrey and Pasha are successful cappers, showing 55% passability.

Let’s start with the calculations. According to the results of 100 transactions for 10 c.u. e. it turns out the following:

  • Andrey won 18 c.u. – (55 * 0.85 – 45) * 10;
  • but Pavel earned $45. (55 * 0.90 – 45) * 10.

The difference in the coefficients is insignificant, but Pavel received 2 times more. But you can find offices where 1.92-1.92 and even 1.95-1.95 are given for equivalent outcomes, for example, “1xBet” and “Marathon”.

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