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This is the name of profitable types of bets that are popular with most gamblers.

You can bet on the correct score in a limited number of sports. It includes football, volleyball and tennis. To make a forecast, bettors use knowledge in probability theory.
Bets on one of the halves of the match are accepted under the same conditions as for the whole game. It can be a victory of one of the teams or a draw. After winning, you can bet on the entire match or be satisfied with the profit.

Bets on goal scorer involve a choice of several team players. You just have to name one of the proposed names. Also, sweepstakes often offer to bet on the number of goals.
You can bet on both teams to score. Statistics show that this is the most likely outcome of most games. In this case, the number of goals scored does not matter.
Betting on the first minutes of a match is more risky. Bookmakers offer to guess:

  • whether at least one goal will be scored in the first minutes of the meeting;
  • whether the referee awards a corner kick;
  • whether a player of any team will receive a yellow card.

Very high odds are offered for these types of bets.

Disputes on different sports

All of the above bets are made on different sports. Football and boxing are especially popular. Slightly fewer opportunities to bet on basketball, volleyball, hockey and shady matches. Only you can choose the sport you will play. In any case, you need to keep abreast of the latest events, track changes in the standings and changes in the careers of leading professional players.

Live sports betting

Separately, it is worth mentioning this type of bet. Regular bets are placed long before the game starts, when you have the opportunity to study the tables and materials from different sources. Live bets are accepted from the beginning of the game. When choosing them, you should keep an eye on the rapidly changing odds.

The smallest changes in the course of the game can change its outcome. Removing a player from the field, awarding a penalty or a successful break in tennis can dramatically affect the chances of winning. In a short amount of time, you can make a lot of bets.

Sports betting: how to make money

When choosing a way to make money on a bet, you must understand that all methods are good for making a profit. Do not neglect any of the sources of information. And there are a lot of them. Here are just some of the opportunities to get information.

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