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This is the name of the meeting, the outcome of which is predetermined. The organizers of the games are breaking the law for two reasons. They want to improve the position in the standings of one of the participants or make profits on bets. It is very difficult to prove the organization of an illegal conspiracy. This is done by law enforcement agencies and sports federations. Ordinary bettors do not bear any responsibility if they were not a party to the negotiations for a criminal conspiracy.

The question is where to get the information. There are groups in social networks and instant messengers to which you will be actively invited. Their members share “exclusive information.” For just a few hryvnia, you will be offered to find out the score of a future meeting. Under each post you will find a lot of “thank you” from people who allegedly made a profit. Such sources of information should not be trusted.

It is better to identify the criminal conspiracy on your own. To do this, you will have to track the anomalies that appear in the quotes of bookmakers. The fact is that sweepstakes are forced to respond to an increase in the number of bets on one of the outcomes. In this case, they lower the original coefficient. The injection of large funds into one of the lines indicates that the organizers of the match have agreed on its outcome, and they want to profit from this.

You just have to keep track of changes in the size of the coefficients. If the quotes of the event began to fall sharply, it means that a surge of funds has begun. Like the big players, you can also place a bet to get a small share of the profits.

Bonus programs

Bookmakers need a constant influx of new players. It is also important for them to keep in their orbit bettors who regularly bet money. For this, loyalty programs are being developed for the regulars of the betting shop.

Most often, you become a member of the bonus program automatically immediately after registering on the site. Points are awarded for placed bets. Their number depends on their type and the accepted coefficient. Usually bookmakers offer tables for calculating bonus points.

You can use earned bonuses in different ways:

  • pay bets (partially or in full);
  • increase the final coefficient;
  • receive discounts on rates.

Using bonuses is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Program conditions are usually very confusing. But you should not neglect the opportunity provided by the bookmaker. It makes sense to understand the bonus table, and use them for their intended purpose.

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