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It is better not to bet large amounts on clear favorites, because bookmakers offer low odds for them. Moreover, in the history of various competitions there are many cases when the leaders of the races drop out of the game or lose. Winning the favorite won’t make you much money, but losing it can ruin you if you decide to bet all your money.

Do not place multiple bets that involve multiple outcomes.

This seems to increase the chance of winning. In fact, it’s the other way around. For the bet to play, all events must be realized.

Some beginners choose to follow the advice of cappers. This is the name of the people who make predictions for matches. They run their own websites and get paid for advertising on them. Remember that a privateer’s earnings directly depend on the number of users he managed to bring to his resource. Before using capper forecasts, study information about him. You will find it on specialized forums. In no case should you refuse the advice of an intelligent capper.

These are just the simplest tips.

Remember that the main thing is to overcome the gambler in yourself, discard subjectivity and develop sober thinking skills. Remember that excitement is a bad adviser, and gambling is the daily training of your demons.

To make the material even more useful for beginners, we suggest studying a small glossary of terms that professionals use. It does not include the terms explained above.

Upstreak – several bets running in a row that brought a win;

Bigmarket is an event where it is proposed to make large bets.

Booster – a bet with a small coefficient;

Refund – carried out if the match is canceled or recognized as fixed.

Fork – several bets within one line, which provide a win without being tied to the outcome of the game.

A downstreak is a prolonged period of unsuccessful bets.

Inside – information about the outcome of the upcoming match.

Iteration is the repetition of a bet.

A comeback is an unforeseen event in the game that caused the bet to win.

A line is a list of matches, bets and odds on which the bookmaker offers to bet.

Grassroots match – a meeting with a small number of goals.

Overbet is a large investment in one bet.

Public betting is a popular bet made by most bettors playing on the line.

Line – a list of bets that you can additionally make per line.

Skip – disabling the bet, if there is a high probability of losing.

Flat is a strategy in which a certain amount of funds falls on each bet.

Free bet is a free bet, the conditions of which are determined by a separate offer of the bookmaker.

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