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Recommendations for novice players from the “Rating of Bookmakers”.

Follow sports. Better yet, choose one specific type and carefully watch and analyze the matches. Or one league, remember, the narrower your profile, the more likely you are to beat the bookmaker.

Take into account several opinions, isolate the main thing, and make bets based on your own and expert opinion. The last word is always yours, think and make a decision on your own, without relying on others.

Allocate a separate amount for betting, which will not be a pity to lose. Betting is entertainment, and you have to pay for any entertainment. The bank is the fee. We advise you to bet no more than 10% on each bet.

Choose the most convenient bookmaker for you. A little higher, we described the criteria in detail.

Do not rush to recoup after losses. This is part of the game, analyze the bets, you may be worse at betting on a certain sport, championship, team. In no case do not increase the amount of the bet!

Why do you want to bet on sports?

It is important to understand that betting is just entertainment. Do not rely on constant and stable earnings with the help of forecasts. Every year the bookmaker improves and insures itself against losses. Why is it almost impossible to make money on bets nowadays?

1) Margin. This is a guaranteed income bookmaker. You need to predict more accurately than sports analysts of companies on the percentage of margin. And even this will only help to go to zero.

2) Cutting accounts for successful players. If you consistently win, the maximum bet amount per event will quickly be reduced. Of course, such actions of the bookmaker affect the earnings of the forecaster.

3) The amount of information and tools in the analysis. Bookmaker analysts simply have more of them, and they know how to use it effectively.

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However, positive players still exist. But accept that no one will give you big money. Choose an office with low margins, bet not too large amounts and conduct a thorough analysis.

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